Saturday, April 25, 2020

DREAM BIG..BIG DREAMS ~ Dr. Edward Nelson Kamoga and family

Dear Paul,
I was heart broken to hear that you had succumbed to your illness. It was such a gut-wrenching feeling. 4 years ago when you hosted me in your beautiful home…I did not know It would be the last time we see each other. It was a blast though that encounter. I will forever treasure it. We shared so many beautiful memories about our childhood. Goodness. Then, it was 38 years of knowing each other from Mugwanya Preparatory School Kabojja in 1978 through Savio Junior School and St.Mary’s College Kisubi in 1991.

We shared about school, football, politics and of course our kids. You took me around Atlanta like am told you did for many of your friends that visited the black Mecca. The most memorable activities we did together was you taking me to indulge in the most passionate thing we both loved, football. You reminded me of how I let you shine on the field with those through passes…with your usual complements…”Man, musajja gwe wali Socrates” What a memory…We both shared our dreams about seeing your sons being giants at the game we love…Ezo sente siimbi …That’s not bad money (That footballers make), you said. But anyway, we agreed that it’s just but a dream. Even then, you still said we can help our kids dream big. 
Before we parted, you gifted me your “Yes Can” art Obama memoir. I requested you to sign it on behalf of my kids. I was not surprised by the words you left for them. ”DREAM BIG..BIG DREAMS MAKE BIG REALITIES”. When I returned, I shared the book with my kids and they were so touched and amazed by the beautiful art …but also that uncle Paul, the guy I called my genius brother from another mother advised that they should not stop dreaming. 
We had planned to do some things together, but unfortunately this has not come to pass. Yes, those dreams my brother. I hope I will continue navigate this life and attempt to accomplish as much as I can …then I will tell you all about it…when I see you again…my brother, my friend…my genius.  
Atlanta Skyline by Paul Kyegombe

Dr. Edward Nelson Kamoga and family (Rita, Mercy and Nathan) 
Pretoria, South Africa

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