Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rest in peace my dear friend ~ Kabali Kamya

So much to say and not enough time or space! My rewind stops back at when you were backing your car up the Kirunda’s driveway to load up the many presents given to you and your son’s mother at her baby shower when she was very pregnant with your baby boy Solomon.

Yes my dear friend, this is the day I met you! Lydia, Kiddu and I had just moved here from San Francisco and you were one of our first welcoming friends.  You and I got very close right After you founded the Atlanta cranes organization.Your love and welcoming for everyone never ceased to amaze me! Not only did  you love your friends but you made it a point know about, and bond with our kids. You were always interested and asked questions about how my son was doing at school and on swim team.I was so touched last year when you insisted on accompanying us to UGA to take our Kid to college for the first time, when you were very ill!! 

Every Christmas holiday when the wife traveled to Uganda, you would call me every other day to make sure Kiddu and I were okay. Thank you for your love. I really miss you my friend.I miss sharing juicing recipes with you, I will miss those alternate names you have called over the years..., Mukulu Kabs,Mystique,Guru, and lately, Patron.

It is so heart breaking that we can only say goodbye to you via  TV screen, closure is going to be hard, but that is the way God planned it.  Rest in peace my dear friend, my Coach , my little brother,Love you man!... your pal always, 

Kabali Kamya ( PK crane).
Atlanta, GA USA

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