Friday, April 17, 2020

Our Paul Kyegombe ~ Robert Kanyike

Learning about Paul’s death was a hard one for me. It is so much easier to mourn in silence. It takes away the worry of not being able to get words on paper or even just simply getting the right words out.

But silence or not, one thing am sure we all appreciate is being here sharing each other’s silence, sharing in each other’s moments of thought, for Paul, whom we all loved as a friend, a brother, a loved one a good man. Our Paul Kyegombe.

We all have our own personal and special memories of the mark Paul left in our hearts, in our lives and it is very hard for me to be writing this and having my own thoughts out loud, trying my best to focus on the happiest times Paul brought me,  rather than on the fact that he is no longer here with us. I am certain of two things though, Paul would’ve wanted us all to be here, airing out our happiest thoughts of our times spent together and secondly he is still here with us, very strongly in spirit.

Paul was such a strong person, through and through.  From his character, personality and presence, Paul was easily the most intelligent and brilliant brain I have ever come across and the world will forever miss the genius in him.

Somewhere, somehow, we have all been touched by Paul.  For me, my brother Paul will always be with me. I have known him for many decades. I first met Paul in the early 80s when we both joined SMACK,  Kisubi and we’ve been friends ever since.

When I decided to get married, I chose Paul to be my bestman because he had become not only a best friend, but also brother.  I have a lot of memories with Paul. We called and texted each other almost every day and he always made me laugh through his many jokes. This is what makes Paul remain with me personally and am sure you all have your very own special and private moments that you will cherish and keep close to your hearts.

 We’re all very lucky to have had Paul in our lives and as much as he will be missed by us all,  Paul will remain with us all everyday, as long as we can remember.

We love and miss you “ Kyegie” past, present and future.

Sleep well my brother!

Bestman Paul at Robert Kanyike's wedding

Robert Kanyike
Boston, MA USA

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